Installation for Hayabusa


The package you received, contains the parts shown in the picture below. If you ordered a Deluxe kit, you should've also received a roll of custom foam (please see the instructions for foam installation further below in item 7). If you ordered a kit for '08 model and after (either Basic or Deluxe), you should've also received a rectangular plate to cover the hole in the bottom of the hump (please see instruction for the hole cover installation further below in item 5). Also note, that for '08 and after model, the wing style locking screws have different length - two are shorter and two are longer.

The plastic and metal washers are very small. Take care not to lose them during installation. If you lose plastic washers, or accidentally damage the metal retaining washers during installation, don't worry. Just let us know what you need, your name, and when you placed the order, and we will send you the right part free of charge.


1. Take the hump off the bike. Unscrew the four bolts holding the white plate. Using the flat head screwdriver, carefully remove the four clips. Insert the four supplied clips in place of the old ones as shown in the pictures below. This may require some effort. Use your thumbs to force it all the way in. Note orientation of the clip - that's how it should be inserted, not the other way around. Please be careful not to break the tabs. They are especially thin on '08 and above models. Take you time and in a few minutes you will be able to wiggle the clips in place.

Also, please pay attention to the slight notch in the inner hole of the clip (see the left picture below). When you push the clip all the way in, you should hear a slight click. This means the aforementioned notch had settled inside the mounting hole of the plastic surface. You can also verify this visually by looking inside the hole. Failing to push the clip all the way in without the notch settling in the hole  makes the locking part of the clip to stay too far away from the wing screw locking tip, and as a result of that, the locking will not take place. If during, or after the installation you feel that you cannot achieve a positive lock, please double check whether the clip was installed properly as described in this paragraph.



2. Close the hump with the bottom plate. Put one supplied white plastic washer on one supplied wing style locking screw as shown in the picture below, and lock it into place by turning 90 degrees clockwise. For '08 and above models, you must use longer wing style locking screws at the front of the hump bottom as the material there is thicker than in the back of the hump bottom. The picture shows unlocked position. In order to lock it, press it firmly against the bottom plate, and turn clockwise 90 degrees. Repeat with the other three units.

If by any chance you cannot successfully lock a specific locking screw, it means that the thickness of the hump bottom or the thickness of the clip holding surface is a bit more than usual. In such a case, remove the plastic white washer, and don't use it for that specific locking screw. Note that the locking screw should lock reasonably tight, thus preventing accidental unlocking. So, if you decided to remove the white washer, and it locks, but stays too loose - then try to put the white washer back and see if you can successfully lock it, even though it may feel a bit tight.

Another possible reason why you cannot lock the wing screw is that the clip was not installed all the way as described in item 1. Please double check that.




3. Try installing the hump back on the bike. Do not force it if you cannot lock it into place with the same effort as before. There is a very small chance that one of the wing style locking screws at the rear may touch the plastic when you put the hump on the bike. If this is the case, please let us know immediately, and we will make and send you a pair of custom made low profile wing style screws free of charge.

Carefully, and one at a time, unlock each locking screw by turning it counter clockwise 90 degrees, and taking it out without losing the white plastic washer, and put it aside.


4. One at a time, take each wing style locking screw with the white plastic washer already on (unless it is not needed as explained in step 2), and insert it in the hump bottom the same way you did during the step 2. Noting the orientation as in the picture, put the supplied metal washer on the other side of locking screw, and push it on through the sharper part of the locking screw. Then, use 5/16" socket to force the metal washer through all the way as shown in the pictures below. The metal washers will hold locking screws in place, so that you never lose them when the hump is unlocked as shown in the last picture below.




5. This item is needed for '08 and above models. The rectangular plate you received in a kit has a double sided adhesive tape attached along the perimeter. Peel off the protective layer from the tape and attach the rectangular plate to the inside of the hump bottom while completely covering the hole. Once again, attach it to the side of the hump bottom which faces the inside of the hump as shown in the picture below (note that the actual color of the rectangular hole cover may be different from the color shown in the picture). Now, you hump bottom does not have a hole and nothing will fall out.


6. Final recommendations.

When opening your new trunk, always hold the hump with one hand, while unlocking the bottom of the hump with another hand. Take whatever you need, immediately lock the bottom back in place (with at least two locking screws), and then you may put the hump down on it's bottom. Failing to do so may result in you accidentally putting the hump upside down, and scratching it.

Also, remember that the right way to lock the screws is to first position them with wings going across the hump, then press them in, and then turn 90 degrees clockwise. It is a good idea to wiggle the wing screw a little while pushing it in to make sure it goes all the way in.

Do not use pliers. They may break the locking screw. If you cannot do it with bare hands, you must be doing something wrong. Please double check that you correctly aligned the bottom back plate, that you installed the clips correctly (per instructions in item 1), and that the locking screws go into the clips.

Always lock all four locking screws. It might be tempting to save a few seconds, and lock only two, or three locking screws. We don't want you to lose your hump in the middle of the road.

If you ordered a Standard Kit, your installation is complete. If you ordered a Deluxe Kit, please continue.


7. Wet a paper towel in alcohol, and wipe the inside of the hump, and the inside of the hump bottom in order for the adhesive foam to stick well. Use scissors to cut pieces of the self adhesive foam of necessary length, and stick them to the inside of the hump bottom, and to the inside of the hump. Place strips of foam exactly as shown in the pictures. Otherwise, you may end up using more foam in one place, and will be short in another. The pattern of how the foam is placed in the hump was designed to specifically pad the areas of the inside of the hump where the contents would be bumping during the motorcycle movement. Please be patient. It might take you 20 - 30 min to finish this step. If you feel you placed a strip of tape slightly in the wrong place, and want to move it, then slowly and gently pull the strip of tape away, and stick it to another location.



Your installation is complete!

Wishing you all the best, and safe riding! Team